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Wagon Tails Pet Care is proud to serve the Fargo community. We’re committed to providing quality services and going above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We are locally owned and operated, as well as responsibly insured and bonded.

Set your mind at ease knowing that your beloved pets are well taken care of while you're away! Upgrade your experience with In-Home Pet Pampering Services!

Let a pet care professional relieve some stress for you and your pup! Your pup will come back with a waggin' tail and ready for a nap! We offer a variety of options to cater to your pet's specific needs!

Dog Walker
Adorable golden Retriever wearing wreath made of beautiful flowers on wedding. Space for t

Event Pet Attendant

Have the luxury of including your pets into your special event in the best way you prefer. We eliminate any and all burdens associated with caring for the pet by allowing the guests at your event to enjoy the festivities, while a pet care professional attends to your pet's every need.

Pet Taxi

Does your pet need a lift to an appointment? We have you covered!
A pet care professional will come to your home and escort your pet safely to and from their destination.

Image by Autri Taheri

Pamper your pet to keep them looking up to snuff! A pet care professional will arrive with all of the tools necessary to spiff up your pet in the comfort of your own home!

Opening Hours

Sun - Sat: 6am - 8pm

After Hours Available By Appointment

Additional Rates May Apply


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Best Buddies
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Tori Luck

About Me

I have the deepest compassion for any beloved pet. I have experience with all ages and temperaments and can accommodate to special needs. I pride myself with knowledge about proper feeding, administering medications and/or supplements as well as assisting pets with mobility restrictions. I have an attentive understanding for animal body language and will portray myself with poise and respect for your pet.

From submissive or scared to frantic or frivolous! They all deserve unconditional love. Understanding what the best way to portray ourselves, in a manner that they welcome it, is my priority. 

They say do what makes you happy and you'll never work a day in your life.. Pets make me happy. Especially happy healthy pets!

Growing up on the east coast of Florida, I've had the opportunity to encounter a wide variety of animals in my life. My sister and I have had an assortment of pets during our childhood. Snakes, newts, iguanas, fish, birds, cats and dogs, to list a few. Not to exclude the occasional armadillo, opossum, raccoon or bobcat that would hang out in our yard.

We would spend summers and winter breaks in North Dakota where we encountered farm animals. We assisted in farm chores for the horses, cows, pigs and chickens.

I've always been surrounded by animals and I intend to keep it that way!

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