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Adam Sisler

Pet Care Professional

Working with animals has been a lifelong dream for me, and now, with Wagon Tails, I have the incredible opportunity to live that dream every day. Growing up surrounded by animals, my childhood was filled with furry, feathery, and scaly companions. Pugsley, the Pug, was my first dog, joining our family when I was in kindergarten, and he lived a remarkable 19 years.

From cats and dogs to newts, hermit crabs, and even turtles and snakes from the garden, my family's home was a lively menagerie. As I grew older, my love for animals, particularly Great Danes, blossomed. In 2014, I adopted my first Great Dane, Eleanor, marking the beginning of a deep connection with the breed.

Taking my passion a step further, I joined the Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue in 2015 as a volunteer. This role involved various responsibilities, from conducting home visits for potential fosters and adoptees to facilitating transports and participating in events like holiday gift wrapping at Barnes & Noble and setting up booths at the Pride Festival in Minneapolis.

In 2019, my journey led me to South Bark Daycare in South Fargo, where I had the opportunity to work alongside Tori. This experience enhanced my skills in proper feeding, medication administration, and a nuanced understanding of dog body language. The following year, I extended my volunteer work to The Great Dane Rescue of MN & WI and The Great Dane Sanctuary.

In 2021, I welcomed Rupert, my second rescued Great Dane, into my life through The Great Dane Rescue of MN & WI and The Great Dane Sanctuary. Most of my free time revolves around my two Danes, enjoying trips to Minneapolis for rescue events and Great Dane meet-ups at indoor dog parks and breweries.

Beyond my love for animals, I have diverse interests such as golfing, playing the guitar, and attending concerts. When not walking dogs, you can find me at Wurst Bier Hall in West Fargo, where I serve and bartend—bringing a touch of German hospitality to those who enjoy more than just a good walk with their furry friends.


Adam Sisler
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