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Enriched Visit


60 min


Give your pup the ultimate energy-burning experience with our extended 60-minute dog walking service! Tailored for high-energy dogs, our experienced team ensures your furry friend receives the exercise and adventure they need to burn off that excess energy.

With a full hour devoted to their walk, playtime, and exploration, our 60-minute visits provide ample opportunity for your dog to run, sniff, and romp to their heart's content.

You'll receive a detailed report after each visit, keeping you informed about your dog's activity level and adventures.

  • Track your dog's journey with our GPS tracking feature

  • Communicate directly with your walker through our convenient app.

  • Cherish the memories with photos capturing the joy and excitement of their walk.

  • Enjoy peace of mind with our fully automated payment system, making managing your dog's care effortless.

Join us in providing the ultimate exercise and companionship for your beloved canine companion!

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